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What Would You Do If...


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This book can guide children to make positive decisions that help in the development of strong character, self-confidence, empathy, and so many more extraordinary qualities. Our young children face many struggles every day and do not know how to approach them or talk about them. This book can be helpful to teachers, counselors, therapists, parents, or anyone with a young child in their life. Sitting down and reading this book with these young children can help them approach their struggles with stronger self-awareness. 

"Filomena Malvone, the author of What Would You Do If, captured the essence of the social conflicts and struggles that all children, and some adults, have dealt with throughout the ages.  The struggles she addresses are as pertinent today as they were 300 years ago.  These struggles often leave the scars of psychological trauma that affects self-esteem, self-confidence, and future happiness.  This book is a must for therapists, teachers, parents, and anyone else that interacts with children.  When employed, this book will help develop coping mechanisms and resiliency to overcome the struggles and increase compassion and pro-social behaviors. This book has the potential to change lives."

William Bowman, MA Licensed Psychologist
President Bowman and Associates,LLC

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