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Filomena Malvone



New Release

What Would You Do If...(2022)

This is a situational book to promote problem-solving skills among young children.  Open-ended discussions with adult guidance are encouraged. 

It is meant to be used one-on-one or in a group setting.


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Este libro puede guiar a ls niñ os a tomar decisiones positivas que ayuden en el desarrollo de un cará cter fuerte, confianza en sí mismo, empatí a y muchas mas cualidades extraordinarias. Nuestros niñ os pequeñ os enfrentan muchas luchas, como la intimidació n todos los dí as y no saben có mo abordarlos o hablar sobre ellos. Este libro puede ser ú til para maestros, consejeros terapeutas, padres o cualquier persona con un niñ o pequeñ o en su vida.

"This beautifully illustrated adult and child conversation provides a perfect foundation for problem-solving on safety, self-concept and compassion."

Dana Larkin-Sauers

Director of the Institute of Leadership Ethics, Achievement and Development.

Mount St. Mary's University

Praise & Reviews

" As a parent of three older kids, I wish I had a book like What Would You Do If... 10 years ago! I love how this book uses a simple approach to open up communication between parents and children, allowing them to work together through some of the toughest challenges we face in life."

"Dealing with tough emotions, coping mechanisms for everyday challenges our kids face is an everyday reality as a mom of three boys.  This book is perfect. I highly recommend toto every mom!"

Dan S., single father of three

Katrina, mom of three boys


About Filomena Malvone

Filomena Malvone resides in Hanover PA. She is co-owner of her family’s local restaurant that was started by her father 50 years ago. She has two children, adores spending time with her family, fiancé, enjoys morning meditation/prayers, CrossFit, and weekly dinners with her two best friends. 

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